Mood Board Monday: Brown Bathroom, and I’m Heading to High Point Market!

I can’t remember the last time I blogged! Let alone did a Mood Board Monday! I figured today was a great day to hop on because this design is actually in the works! Well, parts of it, anyway. We have a powder bathroom by our garage that needs a little updating.

I use the term “need” lightly. There’s nothing technically wrong with it, but the white wallpaper has definitely gotten dirty over time, and I recently painted a nearby closet door olive green, so it’s clashing big time. I’m more drawn to earth tones these days than I am this bold emerald. So! Time for something new!

Brown is the new black, friends. I can’t get enough of it! I’m not using every aspect of this mood board. For example, it’s a tiny room without a ceiling light, so we won’t need the pendant. But it’s fabulous so I just decided to give this mood board a full look. What I will be using is the wallpaper! The brown Morris floral print will be on the walls and the plaid will be on the ceiling. The biggest impact will actually come from the wall treatment on the lower half of the wall. I found a company called Wood Veneer Hub that creates these easy to use wood slats that come in sheets of 25.20 inches by 94.49. That’s about 2 ft x almost 8 ft! So we’ll be cutting it down to make a fabulous statement on the lower half of the walls. Can’t wait!

Shop this room…

In other news, I’m headed to High Point Market next week! I’ll be a part of the Design Influencers Tour with this fabulous group of people!

Heather Fujikawa,

Rasheeda Gray,

Amber Guyton,

Don Ricardo Massenburg,

Haneen Matt,

Jennifer Maune,

Marissa Nelums,

Pamela O’Brien, Plumb,

Rhoda Vickers Hendrix, 

If you don’t know about High Point Market, it’s a HUGE event for interior designers, with miles and miles of show rooms to visit. It’s the fashion week of interior design! And speaking of show rooms, these are the ones we’ll be touring:

Cisco Home,

Crypton Home Fabric,


Fairfield Chair,

Hooker Furniture,

Hubbardton Forge,  


Jaipur Living,

Kalco Lighting,


Theodore Alexander,

Universal Furniture,

Wesley Hall,

Please be sure to follow along on Instagram! I’ll be giving video tours in stories and I’ll be sure to recap everything here on the blog as well, when I return.



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