Laundry Room Reveal!

It’s (mostly) finished! I started this for the spring One Room Challenge, but it took a bit longer than anticipated, to say the least! It was worth it! It’s SO lovely! Excited to share it with you! As a reminder, here’s where we started:


It wasn’t an awful space, but my style has changed a bit and these colors weren’t quite vibing with the rest of the house. More importantly, some of the materials were builder grade and had seen better days. It was time for an upgrade! Mission accomplished:


Eek! It’s so charming and bright and happy! Everything I wanted in a laundry room. I had someone say recently that she was anxious to see how this fit with the rest of my aesthetic. I get it. The rest of our home has lots of rich, moody color, and this seems pretty “sunshiny.” There’s a few things that make this work. First of all, our laundry room is on the second floor, so it’s its own little space not connected to other rooms. This made me feel like I could go for something a little different. But also, the color, Farrow & Ball’s Sudbury Yellow, isn’t super saturated. It’s actually a beautifully muted buttery yellow, so while it isn’t dark, I still think it goes with the olives and browns throughout the rest of the house.

Let’s get to some details!


I looked tirelessly for the perfect pattern combo and I’m thrilled with where I landed. All of the wallpaper is from Decorator’s Best. On the walls is Brewster’s Richmond Floral Mustard paper. On the ceiling is Schumacher’s Lucera Stripe Camel paper. Decorator’s Best has such a great selection- it’s a must to scour their site to mix and match from different brands!


The most darling scalloped detail on the June lantern from Mitzi Lighting via Hudson Valley Lighting! And speaking of darling, the sweetest lamp called Annabelle, also from Mitzi.


Ok, now that you’ve got a look at the counters in the above photo, let’s talk about them! ALL the heart eyes! It’s called the Obsession Porcelain (in “velvet” which is the matte option) from Lakeside Surfaces, here in Michigan. This is the same company we used for our kitchen when we renovated in 2018. This company has been great to work with! The product is quality, the selection is great, and the installers are friendly and do a great job. I especially love the curved detail on the backsplash. And the colors are SO beautiful!


I love the traditional shape of this bridge faucet from Speakman! I decided on a matte black finish because I think every room needs a touch of black.


The most exquisite Victorian knob from Emtek! I’m obsessed with the shape and details. It’s the antique brass finish. This is the knob to the linen closet in the laundry room. For the cabinets, I chose the Bristol 1″, also in antique brass…


This runner is fantastic. It’s the Clement rug from Loloi Rugs and it’s such a treat to have in this space! It’s got a thick pile so it feels great to stand on while doing the tedious task of laundry. I clearly went tone on tone in this room, so the light, neutral rug was a nice break from yellow, but still has little hints of yellow in it while remaining neutral.

Quick note to address the floors: they’re way too grey/cool for the vibe of this space. I would love to change them, but unfortunately it’s just not a priority right now. Dream floors in here would be brick in herringbone, perhaps? We’ll see.


The paint color is Farrow & Ball Sudbury Yellow. Like I said before, it’s a lovely muted yellow! I also used their primer- it’s really good quality paint! The key to easy painting for me though, has always been using Frog Tape®. I use both the green and yellow. The yellow is for sensitive surfaces, so it’s perfect to use on a hardwood floor to protect the stain, or if you ever have to paint trim after installing wallpaper, you use it on the wallpaper. Leaves the sharpest lines!

Extra projects…

My sister and brother-in-law had this amazing little chair that they weren’t using, so I stole it and painted it the same Sudbury Yellow as the cabinets:) I just love a tone on tone look!

You may have seen this portrait in other rooms in our home, but she just seems like she was meant for this room all along since she’s in yellow:)

So, let’s talk about the pesky area that some of you may have in your laundry rooms too- the big gap behind the washer and dryer drove me nuts. One thing that’s improved – if you scroll up to the “before” photo, you’ll see that the washer and dryer were staggered. The dryer can’t be pushed back due to the tube behind it. For the longest time I thought we couldn’t move the washer up to meet it because it had to be in a little tub bin since it’s on the second floor- and the tub is screwed into a certain spot. Well, I ended up just breaking off the front lip of the bin, pulling the washer up to meet the dryer, and then my husband built a shelf to cover the gap.

We had scrap wood in the garage for this! We made the shelf 5 ft long, and then created a 12 in waterfall on one side to hide the gap from the side. This is my favorite thing about this makeover! This one little thing makes my eyes so happy, and it’s a great opportunity to do a little extra styling and bring some necessities out. I actually have dryer sheets in the wicker box, and Dreft dryer pellets in the vintage canister:) Linked it in case you want to try it because I love the scent so much!

Peep the detail of art on the side of the cabinets! They’re attached with museum putty. Loved the idea of saving holes in the wallpaper:)

These hampers have been a game changer!

What’s left?

A few things to mention! Like I said before, I’d love to change the floors down the road. Crown molding still needs to be installed! That will also be painted. I’d also love to put some trim at the top of the cabinets just to make them a little more “custom” and add some height. I also barely styled this space. The large wall on the left is really begging for some art, but art is personal and I really want to take my time choosing something special. Generally speaking though, the bare walls don’t bother me because the wallpaper is so fabulous and I like a clean laundry room:)

I think the only other thing to address is the bare window. We back to trees, so I love the window bare:) No need for privacy, and I’d rather let as much light in as possible.

So happy to have this complete, albeit a little belated for the One Room Challenge! A huge thank you to the following sponsors, as I couldn’t have done this without them:

Frog Tape® 

Mitzi Lighting

Decorator’s Best: Brewster and Schumacher

Loloi Rugs

Lakeside Surfaces



Farrow & Ball (Sudbury Yellow paint)

Shop the laundry room…

Cheers to another project, complete!


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  1. Rema Toghoj says:

    OMG! This is so beautiful 😍 no more complaining about doing laundry ♥️😂

  2. Ida says:

    Absolutely Beautiful! When I first saw your post on IG I thought the same thing as one of your other followers, as to how will this look merge with the rest of your home in colors. Well you said the magic words, the laundry room is on the second floor in its own space. I love the new look it reminds me of the sweet color and taste of Carmel! Great design! ❤️

  3. Slison says:

    This is a warm, perfect space. I love the colors!

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