Laundry Room Progress

Hi, everyone! I’m suppose to give weekly updates when doing the One Room Challenge, but I’ve been really slow to make progress on this space. I still haven’t found someone to install the wallpaper- I’ve tried three people and they all can’t come until June. So, I think with that lingering in my head, I’ve been slow to starting anything else since it looks like it won’t be ready in time for reveal week. Fingers crossed.

I did, however, finally start removing wallpaper this week! It’s been a little slow, but here we are so far…

And I’ve been working on narrowing down paint colors for the trim and cabinets…

Yes, it’s a LOT of yellow, but that’s what I’m going for! I kind of want an explosion of ochre when you walk in. It’s a happy color, and I want to do laundry in a happy space. Plus, it’s all about styling in the end, friends. Art can make a world of difference. And I think touches of black are always necessary to ground a space. Which is why I was so happy when the Speakman faucet arrived!

This faucet is stunning! I love the matte black finish and the “c” and “h” on the levers. It’s going to be beautiful!

We had a contractor over to install beams in our living room (reveal coming soon!) and I had him take a look at our laundry room for ideas on how to handle the dryer coming out farther than the washer. I think we’ve decided that the best way to handle it is to pull the washer out to meet it, and we’ll have him build a shelf to go above them both to hide the gap. That gets me excited!

Stay tuned, friends! Still lots to do! Thanks for your patience.



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