Junior League of Detroit Show House Reveal!

I’m finally getting around to sharing this reveal! The Junior League of Detroit Show House opened September 19th, and I’ve been spending days there greeting people and also trying to get ready for… Surprise! I’ve been chosen as a featured designer for the One Room Challenge! This has been on my bucket list forEVER. More to come on that, but for now, let’s get to sharing a ton of photos! Please pin away and share! Such a great way to support me and my small business:)

So, if you don’t know what I’ve been working on for the past few months, I designed the main bedroom of the Junior League of Detroit’s Show House! You can find my original plans for the room HERE. This is what the room looked like BEFORE:

A sad sea of beige and lots of ceiling repair! Yikes! Alright friends, feast your eyes on this:

Image by Jeff Garland Photography

Can you believe this transformation? This was SO FUN to do! I learned a ton and it was incredibly fulfilling. Let’s get to more pix…

All of this art is from Artfully Walls! I love their site! It’s so easy to search what you’re looking for. I simply typed in the colors I was looking for and had fun browsing and adding to my cart:) That fabulous ochre velvet chair is from All Modern. I love the way the art cascades down to it. The Kelly Wearstler lamp is from City Lights Detroit. It’s like having a famous person in the room! I love it!

Thrifted this decanter set!
Found this adorable purse at an antique shop. LOVE IT.

They moved the door over to the right…

Leather chair and cabinets from Universal Furniture

This Howard Elliott mirror is incredible!

So, the dress in the corner was a last minute idea. I’m a fashion lover, and couldn’t resist the feel of a retail/boutique space. It’s made a fun photo op for the guests:)

Speaking of retail, check out the shoes and ties! One big thought while designing this space is that I wanted it to be both masculine and feminine. It started with the mix of plaid on the walls (reminds me of a mens’ suit) and floral on the ceiling (wallpaper is from Thibaut), and continued right into my addition of fashion accessories. I paired women’s shoes with mens’ ties, all in yellow of course! 🙂 The lit cabinets from Universal Furniture are perfect for this.

Not necessarily realistic for everyday living, but great for a show house! These are the kinds of projects where you get to have a little fun, friends! Why not?

Amazing custom shades and bench cushion from Calico Corners! They did such a great job! Look at the detail here and how they so perfectly made their way around the window trim…

Fabric info: The Luxe Collection, Style: Athena, Color: Midas
I used the Calico Corners in Novi and they were wonderful to work with! So helpful!
Pretty glass orbs from Coterie Home

Lots of debate over these chairs! I initially picked out something different for this bay window, but these chairs from my bedroom actually ended up being a better fit. The beautiful brass stump table is from Crate & Barrel.

Couldn’t help but bring in something sentimental. This sweet little vintage espresso cup and saucer is my mom’s:)

Let’s talk about this high gloss paint. It was a bit of a risk. The color is Essex Green by Benjamin Moore. The color wasn’t risky, but the sheen was! The walls were in very rough shape. My painter did the best he could with repairs, but high gloss paint definitely shows every little imperfection. No regrets (I say it adds to the charm!) but just keep this in mind if you’re considering glossy walls.

Bedding is linked at the bottom of this post.

Texture upon texture! I love that that pic looks like a fluffy cloud. The bench at the foot of the bed is from Safavieh. The amazing vintage rug is from Ghiordes Knot. Great rug source at the Michigan Design Center!

If you recall, I found the vintage portrait painting on the left from an antique shop. The two other prints are from BFF Printshop.

Can we talk about this bed? Amazing brushed brass finish with a lux velvet headboard, generously gifted from Universal Furniture! If you have a chance to visit the Show House, feel free to sit on the bed and feel the comfort of the mattress from Detroit Luxury Beds!

Gorgeous, modern chandelier from Build.com! I love the adjustable arms- the right way to go when working around a canopy bed! And the scale of it is awesome! I love a funky light juxtaposed with a traditional floral on the ceiling.

Pillows linked at the bottom of this post.

Love this little ottoman from Haven in Plymouth! One of my favorite local home stores. The vintage trunks I used as a nightstand are also from Haven.

Incredible dresser from Universal Furniture

The brushed brass bed from Universal Furniture is to die for! Such a beauty!

I can’t wrap up this post without a HUGE thank you to Frog Tape® for sponsoring this project! I will always be a loyal Frog Tape® user! There isn’t a better, more effective painter’s tape…

That grayish-blue color is the tinted primer.
The yellow tape is great for sensitive surfaces! We used it to protect the floors.
Find these shoes HERE.
Find it HERE.

And thank you to the following sponsors for either donating or loaning items to make this room what it is:


Frog Tape®

Universal Furniture (canopy bed, leather chair, dresser, cabinets)

Build.com (chandelier)

Ghiordes Knot (rug)

Howard Elliott (floor mirror)

City Lights Detroit (table lamp)

Detroit Luxury Beds (mattress)

Artfully Walls (art above dresser)

Calico Corners (custom shades and bay window cushion)


Haven of Plymouth (ottoman and vintage green trunks)

Benjamin Moore (Essex Green paint)

Safavieh (bench)

Crate & Barrel (end tables)

All Modern (yellow velvet chair)

Shop the room…

Thank you so much for being so invested in this makeover! I know this has been in the works for the past year, and it took a whole new turn at the start of this pandemic. I’m thrilled we were still able to open and have you safely walk through it! Thank you to the Junior League of Detroit for giving me this opportunity! It was magical, and I learned so much!



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  1. Robin Alley says:

    Beautiful! Everything you did in this room is exquisite! I love all the details and how everything ties together. My husband and I were there at the house last Saturday afternoon so somehow we missed you. Your room is in my top five favorite out of 30 rooms! Congratulations on pulling this all together and Congratulations on being chosen as a featured Designer in the One Room Challenge.

    • Haneen says:

      Thank you so much! I’m so sorry I missed you! I left the room only for a short time to show my sisters-in-law around:) That must’ve been when you came! I really appreciate your kind words and making the trip!

  2. Janet says:

    Gorgeous as always, Hansen! I have to admit, when I saw the yellow and green mood board I wasn’t too sold on the idea but of course you pulled it off! Well done!

  3. Ashley says:

    Holy Moly, Haneen!!! This turned out so good! I wish I was in Detroit so I could see it in person. I love all the details you added, especially the “last minute” touches at the end. The shoes and ties in the cabinet just puts it over the top! What a great room study in textures, too. I’m so happy you were able to have this opportunity. The results show that you deserved to be there just as much as the “professionals”. I hope you feel that. Bravo!

  4. Allison says:

    This room is spectacular. I love the color palette your masterful use of texture & pattern!!

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