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Not sure where to start this post, as it isn’t a typical one. If you aren’t new here, you know my blog is full of my passion for home decor/art/DIY. But I just wanted to share a little something different today. 


Somewhere around Christmas time, sweet Shauna from The House of Silver Lining, invited me and a few other blogger buddies to her cottage in Naples in April. I knew it would be an amazing opportunity to meet up with friends I’d grown close to over the last year on Instagram. We hosted hashtag series/contests together, texted late night (or through out the day) asking for decor advice or sending the occasional selfie pic from Home Goods;) These friends and I had one very common interest: interior design. Sure, I most certainly have friends around here that can appreciate what I do and are mega talented in their own right, but to connect with other bloggers online and know they were just as obsessed with getting a room “just right” and were also up late working on blog posts was just something extra special. So when Shauna asked, I definitely wanted to go! Getting to know new friends better in person and lounging by her gorgeous pool sans children sounded amazing! BUT, school was still in session, and those kids I wanted a break from had a very hectic extra curricular schedule. Add in homework and carpools and the fact that I’d need to figure out who would watch my youngest while big sisters were in school and hubby was working was just too much to figure out. I also knew I would be seeing these friends come August for the Haven Conference in Atlanta, so I made the decision to pass on the trip. 


Photo from the blogs of the following friends (read about their trip in these links): Addison’s Wonderland, The Sunny Side Up Blog, Z Design At Home, The House of Silver Lining, Your Marketing BFF


I accepted that I’d be missing out on some bonding, but come April, when the pix were being posted, I was quite honestly- just plain sad. My parents have always teased me that I “never stop.” I have a hard time saying no to anything because I’m always up for some fun, and I’ve always, always loved making new friends. Childhood friends, college friends, work friends, mom friends, neighborhood friends…. I’ve never really been shy and I love meeting new people! I truly believe people come into your life for a reason. So while some people may think I sound like a big ‘ol baby because I’m blessed beyond measure with lots of loving people in my life, I simply thought, “The weather in Michigan sucks right now, this has been a super stressful week with the kids, and it sure would be SO nice to be in those photos having the time of my life.” 


I will say, that week was pom tryouts for my almost 13 year old. She was so busy with volleyball, track, and dance that week (I promise I don’t typically overbook my kid, but some sports were ending as others were starting – all of it overlapped that week). She wasn’t going to try out for pom because of how busy she was. It was three days of try outs. She missed the first two, and come day three, I said, “Ya know what? You should just go! Give it a try! Maybe they’ll still let you! You’ve danced for years! You should go for this!” And guess what- she agreed, we showed up, they taught her the routine and had her go last, and she made it! And she’s currently at pom camp two hours away making new friends. I just got a text from her letting me know they got first place for their first competition! Makes me so happy that she’s happy, and it got me thinking… if I was in Florida that week, she wouldn’t have tried out! Made me feel a little better:) And so did this…



My fellow color-loving Instagram bestie Brittany, from Addison’s Wonderland, sent me the same tshirt she gave everyone else on the trip, with a sweet note telling me that even though I wasn’t there, I was still part of the “squad.” How sweet is that? I mean truly, what a kind soul!


I questioned writing this post because I didn’t want it to sound like I was screaming, “Hey! Look what Brittany Hayes sent me!” Or “Hey! I was suppose to be on that trip!” I just wanted to say that internet buddies can turn into real life buddies. And sometimes you have to trust your mom gut. And to live with no regrets, but also know that most of the time there’s a “next time” for things. And that sometimes it’s ok to feel like a 13 year old crying because your friends are somewhere without you. (Quite literally- I cried to my husband that week. Lol)


Thank you for listening to a non-decor post! Can’t wait to meet these friends in August and report back that they are just as fabulous in person as they are “online.” 🙂








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