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Hi there! I received several questions recently under one of my Instagram photos that I thought were smart and valid to ask, and I thought I’d take the time to answer them in a blog post. Thank you to Rebecca, from Inspired Life Interiors, for inspiring this post!


Q) Do you ever worry about your house not all being the same “style” or do you feel all houses need to in general “flow?” Is your home all the same color scheme?


A) That’s a loaded one! I’ve touched a little on that before in a post as I was struggling with my dining room makeover, but I’ll expand a bit. No, I don’t worry that my house isn’t all the same “syle,” but I will say I’m definitely aware of it. I think in general, homes should have a sense of fluidity from room to room. Not that they need to match, but there should be a comment interest/element to them all that makes them look like they’re all a part of the same story. I’ve always struggled with this, because while I’ve said that’s what I believe, I don’t necessarily follow it! Lol. There are so many design “styles” that I love, and so many trends I like to try. And to me, although a good flow from room-to-room is important, I’ve come to learn that all the rooms together don’t have to tell one story as a whole. They can each tell a different story. It’s almost like my house is a collection of short stories, as oppose to one grand novel. Does that make sense? I think as I’ve grown as a designer, staying true to myself has led me to some fun rooms that I’m proud of. And although they may all be different color schemes, they’re all “me.” And I find that to be enough of a flow:)


 Family Room


 Dining Room


 Teen Room

 Master Bedroom

Q) Do you sometimes feel pressured to follow trends or do something because it’s “safe?” For instance having everything neutral or the typical coastal calm color pallet. 


A) I’m keenly aware that white/greys are very buying xanax online uk “in” right now. And even a color-loving girl like myself can truly appreciate the beauty in a gorgeous, neutral room. But no, no pressure felt. There are definitely pressures in other areas though. I think the main thing I struggle with in regards to trends, is just the need to create constant new content. How many makeovers can a blogger do before she runs out of space in her home? Lol! Do you guys ever wonder that? When following bloggers or your faves on Instagram, do you ever think, “How do I keep up?” I think that’s my only struggle, really. I’m confident in my style because I like what I like, and you just can’t change that based on what you follow and see online and social media. But it’s definitely still easy to compare. And the best thing I can do is to let that comparison inspire me and push me to be a better version of myself. Not to change and create a room the same way “such-n-such” would, but take the parts I love about what they do, and let it creatively influence me as I’m designing. There’s no harm in being inspired by others. There’s just harm in letting it consume you.


Q) Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on another style and want to change your entire house again? 


A) Ha! Love that! Yes, and yes. I think I would move 50 times, just to have new spaces to create. I like change, my husband, not so much! He loves our home. I really don’t think we’ll ever move. But, I do always love changing things up! Thank goodness paint and pillows are cheap! There are small ways you can change up a room without constantly doing complete makeovers.


Here’s to  supporting one another and being positively influenced by each other. And here’s to staying true to yourself as you design a home for you and your family! After all, you’re the ones living in it! 


If you can think of any other questions, please comment below! I’m happy to answer! 






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