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Good morning, everyone! If you’re joining me from Tamara’s blog over at Citrine Living, welcome! For those of you not following me on Instagram, a great group of talented bloggers and I teamed up for a weekly challenge we called #theIGdreamhome. Each week, people submitted photos of different rooms to create the ultimate dream home! What a fun concept. A bunch of creatives, one hashtag, and a whole lot of awesome inspiration photos! Check out the hashtag on Instagram and let me know the ones you’d choose to create your own dream home! We’ve collectively come to an agreement each week over who we’d pick as winners for the dream bedroom, living room, kitchen, bonus room, and exterior. But today on each of our blogs, we’ve separately chosen our own dream homes! Which is even more fun because it’s interesting to see everyone’s different take on a their ideal home. Here is the dream home we’ve chosen together…

WEEK 1 | WEEK 2 | WEEK 3 | WEEK 4 | WEEK 5 WEEK 6


Please click on the different week’s links so you can visit the pages of these talented people! It’s a beautiful home, isn’t it? Now let’s get to the dream home I got to hand pick! 


 WEEK 1 | WEEK 2 | WEEK 3 | WEEK 4 | WEEK 5| WEEK 6


There’s an energy to the color in every one of those photos that drew me in. I hope you like it as much as I do! I’ve always dreamed of a front porch like that. The bedroom is to die for (and similar to my own:) The finishes in that kitchen are just amazing. The office is moody and sophisticated. The dining room wallpaper is eye-catching. In the living room, I love the patterned pillows and the art and that light! Again, you can click on the link to each week’s winners to visit the pages of the people I chose. Enjoy! And head to Designs by Laila next to see her personal picks for a dream home! A list of all of my fab blogger co-hosts is below. Ready to be inspired? Go visit their dream homes too!


Kelley Nan

Addison’s Wonderland

The House of Silver Lining

Randi Garrett Designs

Citrine Living

Designs By Laila

Design Loves Detail


Ps… As a side note- for Bonus Week I wanted to choose an office because my office is one of my favorite rooms in our home (you can see it HERE), but, if there was a week for bathrooms, I would need to give a shout out for the sweetest of sweets, Deborah (@blountdesigns on Instagram), for her stunning master bath! Yes, this color-loving gal crushes hard on spa-like, neutral bathrooms! This is gorgeous!







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