How To Design An Epic Holiday Mantel

Less than two weeks til Christmas! I’ve had my fireplace decorated for well over a month now, and somehow I have yet to share it on the blog! Not sure what kind of blogger that makes me. Lol. I made a video of it over on Instagram and I’ve shared photos there too, but it just never made its way over to my website. I figured today’s a good day since I’ll be doing a live presentation of it with Detroit News tonight at 6:30pm EST! It’s virtual, so you’re all invited! If you’re free tonight and wanna watch, you can register here and they’ll email you a link to sign in! Should be fun!

So, I saw @andthentheywentwild on Instagram create an amazing floral arrangement for Halloween around her fireplace mirror, and I immediately thought it would be fun to do at Christmas! It wasn’t too difficult!

What you’ll need:

  1. “Craft wire.” Essentially looks like chicken wire, but I found it in a crafting aisle at Hobby Lobby, and that’s what it said on the box.
  2. Scissors
  3. Zip ties
  4. Garlands and greenery picks
  5. Ornaments and ornament hooks

I basically cut the wire around the shape of the mirror, attaching two pieces with some zip ties. I just hung it from two small nails! That’s it!

Then I tucked one end of a garland through a hole, and shaped it around the mirror connecting it to the craft wire with a zip tie. All of the picks are also pushed through all the craft wire holes until it looks full, and then I scattered ornaments throughout. Here’s an image of it mid-way through. I ended up not loving the glitter picks, so I eventually removed them, but you get the idea…

And here it is, complete!

Find the mirror HERE and the light HERE.

Voila! Easy, unique, and super pretty! Everything Christmas-related you see here is from At Home! And if you want more holiday decorating inspiration, but haven’t been to the blog recently, you can find my living room tour HERE and dining room tour HERE!



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