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Hi, friends! I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted! I’m fairly new to this blogging world, and I’m trying to find a balance between being completely emersed in a new project, and finding content to share with you all in the mean time! I decided, without giving a full reveal, that it’d be fun to discuss the hardware on my DIY painted thrift find! I found this piece for $50, and I’m super excited to use it as a buffet in my dining room makeover!


It’s huge! This beast is a whopping 80 inches long, and the niche it’s fitting inside is 84 inches. I love that it will completely fill the space! Even putting one lamp on each end of it will leave plenty of space for decor or neccessary servingware.  I also love that it’s fairly ugly in its own beautiful way. When I brought this home, my family had a look on their faces that read, “What is THAT?!” I’ll admit to kinda liking things a little more when other people don’t. I love a challenge (in the art world that is. Parenting challenges, I can do without). I knew I could turn this into something special. And it has massive amounts of storage! Check out the drawers inside the doors….



First, I’ve already fixed that section that won’t push in all the way. Second, I may go ombré on those bad boys. We’ll see. For now, let’s discuss the hardware. Initially, I had every intention of changing them. I was picturing sleek, brass, modern pulls like these fab one’s from Shauna’s bathroom reno over at The House of Silver Lining.




I was also drawn to these Cynthia Rowley knobs I found at Home Goods. I love the organic shape, and that the edges are gold, to coordinate with the pulls I had in mind. 




So, I’ve started painting, and here’s a sneak peak. I went with Benjamin Moore’s Chrome Green. It’s one of their exterior paint colors. It’s actually much darker than this photo appears. I’m really happy with it! Still needs another coat… 



So here’s where the mind games come into play. There is something about the original hardware that I love. It’s that part gaudy/part beautiful juxtaposition that I’ve always been drawn to. There’s also the pull of keeping something original about the piece. But is it a true makeover if I don’t change it ALL? Am I not doing this project justice if I don’t completely replace every facet of it? I think another thing that’s drawing me towards keeping the original hardware, is the fact that I’ve really been drawn to old school art for the walls. I purchased some old renaissance paintings online (prints obviously) and I’m mixing it with older antiques and thrift finds. I’ll definitely have a future post about how I’m putting this gallery wall together and finding the right mix of art. {As a side note, a friend of mine asked me where I like to go antiquing/thrifting, and for anyone in the area, I love the Knightsbridge antique mall on 7 Mile, and my new favorite thrift store is ReStore in Ann Arbor. I had no idea that even existed until recently, and I’m hooked!}


But anyway, my point is, is that the old artwork is pulling me towards keeping somewhat of an old look to the buffet. Let me know your thoughts! I welcome input! It’s always fun to hear what people have to say, even if you don’t agree with it! But, my fellow artists, can we all at least agree that this is awesome?… 

Found that online somewhere and couldn’t trace back the original source, but I love it! Hilariously true! 

















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