Graduation Party 2024

Kid number two is headed to college! That whole thing about the days being long but the years being short is SO spot on. When they’re little and you’re dealing with tantrums and feedings and sleep schedules and trying to keep kids entertained… it’s exhausting and the days can truly seem to drag on! But then, hold up- suddenly it’s 2024 and your kid is graduating and moving out?? What kind of joke is this?!

It’s been a bit, and that’s because I’ve been in the throes of planning this graduation party, and loving every minute of it. Hosting is my happy place, and I love making things pretty! Wanted to share the day with you…

I was obsessed with how this turned out! It’s from Modern Party Box!

NO ONE does flowers better than Fleur Detroit! Gorgeous! I had baby photos and senior photos on sticks in the centerpieces,. If you’re on Instagram, I shared a video reel there! But here they are without the sticks:

They were perfection! We wanted pastels, but asked for pops of hot pink and yellow mixed in so it didn’t start to look too Easter-y or baby shower-ish. They nailed it!

This easel and foam board greeted guests at the side of the house where the walkway leads to the back. I lined the walkway with laminated photos of her school photos through the years.

The cutest dessert cart! Also found this from Modern Party Box. I found these letters online and hot glued faux flowers in them. I just used mounting putty to adhere them to the cart. I’ve used that to hang art in my house for lightweight items. Works like a charm and doesn’t leave any residue! And check out the personalized macaroons I found from Izzy Macarons on Etsy!

Found the cone set HERE and a 3 lb bag of chocolate covered pretzels HERE. They came insulated and with ice packs and tasted great! Found the acrylic cupcake stand HERE. And the cupcake toppers HERE.

My sweet dad-in-law treated us to this ice cream freezer. I made this little poster for the front of it:) These are the stickers I used for it.

We moved the furniture to the lawn and used the screened in porch for the food. Individual fruit cups were the way to go! We went to another grad party that did this and I thought it was brilliant! Nothing bugs me more than bugs- pun intended! I love that this set had lids, and we used these fly fans to keep flies away. These inflatable trays were perfect! Filled them with ice and it kept the fruit, hummus, and salad cold! Came in a set of two.

Used these napkins, this set of gold plasticware, these plates, and this was the basket I put them in!

This cake pop stand from Treat Walls on Etsy is heavy duty! Comes with a stand to prop it, but we ended up just leaning it like this.

This was so fun to put together! I know when you go to grad parties, this stuff all ends up looking the same, but as a parent, seeing her accomplishments from cheer, lacrosse, and gymnastics like this was such a nice tribute to the work she’s put in. Good closure to this chapter! I found this stand online to hold all of her medals!

For the card box, I found this box and just cut an opening for the cards.

My dress

Love this fam of mine with all my heart! My husband made setting up in the crazy heat way more fun than it should’ve been! Speaking of heat- I cannot believe how kind Mother Nature was to us the day of the party! It was extremely hot and humid the day BEFORE, but the day of the party it cooled off to perfect temps! It was comfortable and fun!

Now it’s time to plan her dorm;) Stay tuned- I’ve got a mood board coming your way!

Cheers to celebrating,


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  1. Betsy says:

    What a beautiful party! Congrats to your daughter on this next chapter.

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