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Hi, everyone! Lex Mod Furniture has asked me to talk about the eclectic look in my living room and how I incorporated their Casper chair as seen in this photo…


One thing you’ll notice while walking through my home, is that I love an eclectic space. When trying to achieve an eclectic look, it’s important to understand that that means you’re filling a room with things that you love. It means a room is curated to tell your story. So, that could translate into a combination of styles- with pieces that may present fun juxtapositions.


For example, my living room has a global chic vibe. It reads “eclectic” because the wooden table is rustic, the pattern on the wall has a Moroccan flare, the chevron rug reads more modern, and the gold in the mirrors brings an element of glam. The Casper chair from Lex Mod Furniture really is icing on the cake in this room. It’s clear acrylic and smooth lines seem to coexist beautifully with the rustic, worn edges of the coffee table. Nothing matches. Nothing is a set. Having an eclectic space means that things look collected over time. So some pieces are brand new while others are from antique shops. That’s the joy of juxtapositions, especially in a global room like this one. The pieces may be very different but seem to “get along” well:)


Have you checked out Lex Mod’s website? I’ve browsed through it and pulled 10 pieces to create an eclectic look below…

Notice the different elements that are paired unexpectedly. The side tables are modern, glossy, and white- paired with an industrial wood & metal coffee table and shelving unit. The clear, acrylic Casper chairs are paired with a rustic farmhouse style table. The tufted, more traditional sectional looks fantastic with a modern pair of leather chairs to create a conversation area. Take a look at the celing lights. A sphere wrapped in rope adds great texture and style to the living area, while a similar, yet not perfectly matched light looks great over the dining table for its length and industrial bulbs.


One thing to remember is that although having an eclectic room can mean that very few pieces are perfect matches, it’s important not to go crazy forcing things to look mis-matched. You still want it to look cohesive and tasteful. This is why I absolutely love the white console table I put in the dining area to use as a buffet. It’s in the same family as the end tables in the living area. The very cool thing about it is, those holes in the design can be used for anything! On the website, there’s an image of it filled with books, but it would also look incredible in a dining room used as a wine rack!


Throw in some fresh flowers, fabulous area rugs to define the two spaces, along with lots of color and pattern in pillows on the couch, and you’ve got yourself a well-rounded, eclectic, livable space. Take it a step further and fill those shelves with accessories that not only look good, but that speak to you. Maybe meaningful souvenirs from your travels, perhaps old books you’ve picked up from a thrift shop. When you furnish an entire room from scratch, it’s important to personalize the space to reflect you and tell your own story. Putting together an eclectic room means that even if two people bought these same 10 items, their rooms could look entirely different based on the layers they build upon these items, don’t you think?


Ready to create an eclectic look of your own? For more eclectic inspiration, visit my friend Oscar Bravo’s blog to find his 10 picks from Lex Mod’s collection! 





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