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If you missed the dining room reveal, you can read about it (and see 30+ photos) HERE. Today I’m taking you behind the details of the gallery wall.





I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, art does not have to have significant meaning behind it in order for you to welcome it into your home. Sometimes it’s simply the feeling a piece gives you when you look at it- and that’s reason enough to buy it. I knew I wanted a  “museum” feel in this room. For those of you that don’t know, I have an art degree, and walking through museums has always been my happy place. So for some of these prints, I simply chose them based on their Renaissance feel.


Sure, my kids may say the guy in the hat is creepy, LOL, but I tell them I think he may have been a ladies’ man back in his prime. He makes me laugh. The Matisse I loved for its bold blue color- ties in the rug and the blue in the wallpaper. How about that horse painting? It’s an original I found at an antique shop! Normally $125, I waited and found it at $65, and asked them to come down to $50 based on the water stains on the fabric mat, and they agreed. Its scale is perfect, and I love the traditional feel of the men in fancy coats. Also, my heart may have skipped a beat when I hung it and stepped back and realized the shading in the grey horse up front looks so good against the dark charcoal walls!


How beautiful is this needlepoint with red velvet in the frame? I got the antique shop to give me 10% off of $40. Seems like a lot to spend when the much larger horse painting was $50, but this piece is something special!



There was something about this Marie Antoinette that I loved. The colors in her gown are perfect for this room. My 2 year old son asked me what her name was when I was hanging it. Now every buy phentermine online prescription time he walks in here, he yells, “Marie Antoinette!” I found her on and had her framed at Hobby Lobby.




Did I tell you I have a thing for needle point lately? This dandy cracked me up. I like to think he’s tipping his hat off to me when I walk by him. I am so corny, but he makes me happy. He was $15 at an antique shop. The girl above him was $26. Kind of splurge for her tiny size, but I loved that her attire was similar to Marie Antoinette’s next to her, and more importantly, she seems to be holding a portfolio of sorts, so I like to think she was an art student, like I was.



Also, look what’s on the back! The sweet joy of antiques!




The fruit painting in the upper left was a whopping $15 at a thrift store. There’s some damage to it, but the price was great for the size, and I loved the green with the buffet that’s in the room. The Michigan map on canvas is from Home Goods! Here are some tiny items I found for $10 each at an antique shop…




There’s something about old romances that intrigues me; the innocence of a time before electronics that I love. That’s why I grabbed these. I just wonder what these couples are talking about. Surely not the Kardashians or how many likes they got on Instagram.


I started this gallery wall by arranging everything on the floor. My foyer rug was almost the exact size of the wall they were going on, so I used it for placement.




Then I used wrapping paper to trace each piece and poke holes where the nails should go…



Then I arranged it all on the wall and taped them up…



Next I hammered the nails in place, then hung everything up…



And that’s it! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!






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