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It’s One Room Challenge time! This awesome bi-annual event is brought to you by Calling It Home. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a 6 week challenge a bunch of bloggers participate in to complete a room makeover! While I’m not an official participant, they welcome guests to join in the fun. Last year I had so much fun using the One Room Challenge to do our office! {See it HERE} So here I am, using this as an opportunity to redecorate our family room:)


Before you tell me I’m crazy because I just finished our dining room makeover (see that HERE), we’ve been talking about new furniture in this room for a while now because our current sectional isn’t very comfy. So the timing was fitting. Here’s a look at our family room in its current state…








It’s a lovely room, but I started getting really tired of orange a few months ago, and went about making the room a little more neutral. (You can read about that HERE).  But recently, the green walls have been begging for a fresh new color, the rug (as much as I love it) has seen better days, and I have a few things I’ve been wanting to incorporate into this room. For starters, I don’t love that the sectional has so many parts and seams. Instead of being one long piece, it’s several pieces, so if you land on a seam when sitting down, it’s harder on the edges and it hurts to be honest! Aside from the sectional being uncomfortable, I don’t love that the arms are super high. When my two year old son is sitting on the end, he has a hard time seeing the television. Also, on the opposite side of the couch, I don’t love that it blocks some of the view of the fireplace. Same goes for the chaise part of it. Where it protrudes, it blocks the fireplace. When we put the fireplace on in the winter, there really isn’t a spot for me to enjoy it when sitting on the couch. We bought it in this configuration when it worked for our previous home. I found a new sectional with modern lines, slim arms, and subtle tufting…



It’s a shade of grey, which I’m looking to incorporate into the room. I like that the arms are much shorter, and the chaise is on the opposite side of the sectional than it is on our current one, so the fireplace will be in full view! I don’t even know if you’d consider it a chaise, really. I just see it as an “L,” but since the back doesn’t extend the length of the couch, it reads as one.


Another special little something I’ve been excited to incorporate is a reclaimed wood wall. I’ve always struggled a bit with a corner fireplace. I feel like the fireplace should be a focal point, but when looking into this room from the kitchen, the wall next to it is what you’re staring directly at, so I think that should be a focal point of sorts as well. For some time, the large scale photos have served that purpose. I do love it, and I get lots of nice comments on that wall when guests come over, but I really buy cialis online in uk fell in love with a company called Stikwood. Here’s a sample from Stikwood’s Instagram page of what I ordered…



So this wall will be adjacent to the fireplace! Super excited about it! I’m also really excited about this wall sconce from Painted Fox Treasures



They plug right into the wall, so no need to hire an electrician! I’m going to use two of them on the wood wall, and I’d love to juxtapose these rustic beauties with an abstract print of sorts, preferably with some green. Even a rustic, neutral room can use a splash of color, in my opinion!


I’m still working out exactly what chairs I’ll be using, but for the sake of creating the mood board, I found those cool velvet ones that I thought fit the mood.


Can I get an amen for finally replacing our ugly ceiling fan?? I’m SO excited! I know, I know, fans are nice to have. But we’re in Michigan. Nine months of the year it doesn’t get turned on. I know in the three months that it actually DOES get used, it’s so great! But I’d rather have something beautiful to look at all year long, than enjoy a fan for three months. My husband may not agree, but when Lighting Design Company offers you a light, you say, “Hell yes!” I’m currently very drawn to this one…



It’s got an industrial vibe but has hints of gold on the edges that I’m digging. I’d like to add touches of gold throughout the room. I’m all about mixing textures and finishes. Just because you have a rustic wood wall going up, doesn’t mean it can’t be glamorous!


The coffee table is still up in the air. I brought home a lovely charcoal tufted rectangular ottoman with brass nailheads, but then I decided I think round is the way to go. Also wasn’t sure if I wanted a tufted ottoman next to a tufted couch, and I started to think I actually want a coffee table instead of an ottoman! Hubby thinks kids are still young and we should play it safe (he has a scar on his eyebrow to prove it) but I say having a round one will help with that- no sharp corners! And truthfully I’m tired of an ottoman being used as a jungle gym! They are constantly jumping off of our current one. Having a table instead will stop that, and it’ll be nice to have a hard surface to set things on. I’m liking these in addition to the one on the mood board…




First two are from World Market and the last one is from Pier 1. Which one is your favorite?


So there’s the tentative plan! I know it seems pretty neutral for this color-loving gal, but I’ve been craving a warm, neutral room that I can change accent colors to depending on my mood and season. The whole space will look gorgeous come Christmas or Halloween! Lots may be tweaked from the mood board- I basically created it to show you the vibe/look I’m going for, but didn’t necessarily include the actual pieces (or art) that I’ll be using. Rough draft! Excited to edit and perfect along the way! Thank you so much for visiting and reading along. I always appreciate your comments!





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