Fall Home Tour 2020

Happy Autumn, everyone! It’s my favorite time of year! If you’re new here, let me just say I love Autumn so much that it’s actually the name of one of my daughters:) I’ve always seen this season as a fresh start. Perhaps it’s because it’s the start of a new school year (although this year definitely feels different, as my kids are still home and learning virtually). Whatever the reason, I love decorating for it, and I’m excited to show you around my house! Thank you to Jennifer from Dimples & Tangles and Jewel from Jeweled Interiors for hosting this blog hop! Check out a full list of fab bloggers at the end of this post whose homes you can tour! They all love color as much as I do:)


Kept the front porch pretty simple this year! Those jack-o-lanterns are from Home Goods a few years back. Paired it with a handful of real pumpkins and some mums and called it a day. I always have fun flanking the front door with these life-size skeletons!

We’ve called multiple companies to extend the front porch steps and add stamped concrete, but for the past two years, everyone’s been booked! I don’t get it! But hoping to be one of the first on the list for next year.


Find my dress HERE

So, these gorgeous ochre chairs don’t belong here. Lol. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Do people really sit in their foyers?” No, they really don’t. Lol! But I ordered these chairs for the Detroit Show House that I just designed the main bedroom for (you can see that HERE), and these bad boys came home with me. Just having some fun playing around:) You’ll also see them in photos below where I tried them out in my family room:)

Living Room

Added skulls to my moss bowl for a fun grave yard effect…

So, a little secret… that big bowl is from Home goods and instead of filling it with a ton of moss, I filled it with grocery bags and a kickball from our garage to give it shape first;)

Dining Room (outdoors!)

In all honesty, our dining room is currently “School Zone” for our second grader, Zane at the moment. So here’s a pic or two of an outdoor Autumn tablescape I did last year…

Family Room

And let’s try the yellow chairs in here for fun, shall we? …

I love that they close up a conversation area, and the low profile makes it easy for people on the sectional to still see the tv. I just wish they were swivel chairs!

This dresser is new! Generously donated from Universal Furniture for the Show House, and just another thing that came home with me:) I love it in this space! The rich black on this side of the room balances out the black fireplace across the way…

Super simple this year. I’ve been busy. Lol. But nothing better (and simpler!) than cutting branches from your yard. Those cute little felt pears are from Haven in downtown Plymouth.

Powder Bathroom

Sometimes just a festive hand towel is the perfect seasonal touch in a room:)

Back Porch…

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There’s more to visit!



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  2. Lori Nell says:

    Great fall home tour, Haneen. I have loved watching your style evolve over the past year or two! Another incredible original! This It’s a Coloful Life Tour is full of bloggers who are true to themselves and I’m HERE for it.

  3. Albertina says:

    That was such a great fall tour!! I especially loved the skulls in your moss bowl. I thought it looked so elegant and fun in your living room. I actually loved your chairs in the foyer and think you would use them a lot there. I have seating in my foyer and use it so often! Those chairs have such a fabulous color.

  4. Kate says:

    Haneen, I absolutely love all the natural touches you added to your home for fall! That outdoor tablescape with a mix of brass candlesticks, branches, and pumpkins is especially beautiful.

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