DIY Striped Nailhead Accent Wall

Friends! Our closet is just about complete, and before I share it, I wanted to finally post a tutorial for the accent wall I did for it! “Why do an accent wall in a closet?” you might ask. Because… quarantine. Lol. I was bored, folks. And I like finding interesting things to do around my house, even if my husband and I are the only ones who’ll see it!

So, our closet is roughly 7 ft x 14 ft. When you walk into the closet, you’re staring straight at the 7 ft. wall, and that’s the wall I wanted to be special. I initially thought about wallpapering, but with quarantine in place, we couldn’t have contractors in the house. And while I knew I could learn to do it myself, I had an idea for a treatment I wanted to try. It came down to combining two wallpaper inspirations. One is a stripe from Thibaut, and another is somewhat of a plaid with 3D rivets from Phillip Jeffries.

I loved the classic stripe of the Thibaut paper because it reminded me of a sharp suit. Seemed fitting for a closet:) And I loved the look of the Philip Jefferys paper because the 3D aspect intrigued me. That’s when I decided this was possibly something I could combine and tackle on my own! And so I did what I always do when I have a painting project in mind… I reach out to Frog Tape® to collaborate! 🙂 If you want clean, sharp lines for your paint, Frog Tape® is most definitely the painter’s tape to use! I use it for everything, you guys! There’s a drawer in my kitchen dedicated only to rolls of it. Lol!

So, let’s get to it, shall we? Basically, this started with me researching how to add my own 3D effect to painted stripes. I found these strips of black buy cheap phentermine in canada nailheads on Amazon.

They’re meant for upholstery, and every six inches there’s a hole for you to nail in a spare nailhead. That’s how it’s attached. So I went ahead and experimented with it on a wall. I painted the wall Benjamin Moore’s Jet Black, and added stripes in Benjamin Moore’s Graphite, which is just a slightly lighter shade of black, so the contrast is subtle. And then I ran the black nailhead strips down the sides of the lighter shade.

You’re getting a very sad “before” look at my closet..

Ugh. Stay tuned for a full “after,” guys. The lighting has been replaced, and the marked stripes you see are from shelving that I removed. Let’s just ignore the mess and get to the good stuff:) Here’s some photos that show the progress… I started with painting the full wall the Jet Black.

Clean lines courtesy of Frog Tape®!

Then I began taping off stripes to paint the lighter shade of black. This involved a little bit of math, but I figured it out:) I wanted the outer stripes to stay black, so as not to fuss with taping off the edges again, so that just meant I had to have an odd number of stripes. Each stripe is roughly 4.5 inches. It made it easy just to put a piece of Frog Tape® between two longer stripes to get them even and level.

Clearly, I didn’t bother removing all the clothes before painting. Lol. I’m the most impatient DIYer ever. Also, I stopped the stripes because I knew the rest would be covered by the new closet system. So, next up was figuring out how to add the nailheads. This is what it looks like…

It comes in a roll of 5 yards, and there’s holes every six inches to nail in the individual pieces.

Initially, I started at the bottom, which I quickly found made it more difficult, as the top of the full strip had no where to go but down- over my head. Lol! So after that first row, I started working my way down instead.

So pretty! Here it is all done!

I got two of these beautiful black velvet and brass benches from Safavieh, and couldn’t help but try one out in here! It’s lovely!

So hard to photograph a small space with no natural light! But you get the gist, right? It’s such a lovely backdrop for our clothes! Just a little added interest to an otherwise overlooked space in the house. I love walking in here! And how about that new light? SO. MUCH. BETTER! Everything linked below:

Shop this room…

Let me know if you have any questions!


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  1. Brenda says:

    I LOVE this!!! Truly, this is original and transformative. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the space.

  2. Brenda says:

    Curious how many packages of the nailhead strips you used for the space? Thanks!

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