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Happy Fall, y’all! I don’t even say “y’all,” but I’m so excited Autumn has arrived, I’m rolling with it. The kids are officially back in school, and you know what that means…. I actually have time for projects! When Jewel from Jeweled Interiors asked me to be a part of a blog hop showcasing how we use color, I was happy to jump in the fun. If you’re new here, my name’s Haneen, and I’m a big fat color lover. And so are the other women in this blog hop! Be sure to check out their sites listed at the bottom of this post! They’re all sure to bring some great color inspo and tips!




So, today I’m bringing you a peek at some fall decor, with unexpected fall colors…



I wanted to bring touches of fall to my living room, but this room is filled with very non-traditional autumnal colors. The brown of the walls work, but the rest is vibrant and spring-like, and that’s ok! Paint to the rescue!







Truth be told, I had every intention of using painter’s tape to create a fun design on these, but as soon as I started, I realized how tricky and time-consuming that was going to be because of the natural bumps and curves of these pumpkins. Not sure what I was thinking! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Also, I bought regular crafting paint, and I quickly realized that regular interior paint would’ve been the way to go. Crafting paint was too watery/opaque for painting on pumpkins and it was taking many layers for the colors to actually look saturated. So…. a subtle ombre it is!




Even though it wasn’t what I initially planned, I actually love how these turned out! Especially against the art. And if you’ve been following along for a while, you may have noticed a fun new pillow! It’s from Stuck On Hue and I LOVE the texture! 




I’d been meaning to find a long lumbar pillow to put here, because the cushions that the couch came with were looking rather sad and droopy. So I scrapped those and put this one long lumbar pillow instead, and I love it!




Shop this post…


How do you feel about color? Do you shy away from it or are you all in? If you need a little nudge, or some tips to get started, head to my Instagram feed! I have a video series saved to my highlights titled “COLOR,” where I walk you through my house and explain my thought process behind using color. And be sure to visit the talented ladies listed below!



 Stay tuned… tomorrow is my Fall Home Tour! Cheers!



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