College Dorm Essentials

It’s almost time, guys! Two weeks until we move our daughter into her college dorm! Seeing as how these last few days have been spent at my laptop ordering things for her dorm room, I thought I’d pull it all together in a blog post for anyone else in the same boat! I know it’s last minute guys, but I’m telling you- I ordered this all yesterday, and so much of it is Prime shipping on Amazon, two day shipping at Target, or I paid a little extra to expedite shipping on the rest. So… you still have time!

There’s only two things I didn’t order in that collection of images. I literally ordered all but two things yesterday! Lol. Really on top of things over here. Anyway, she and her roommate haven’t chosen a rug yet, but it’s definitely an essential, so I just threw that one on there for now. The other thing I haven’t ordered yet is that floppy yellow flower pillow. It was on her list of “wants,” but it won’t arrive until after she moves in, so I’m waiting to order it until I know her dorm address and I’ll ship it there.

How I’m feeling…

These few weeks leading up to her leaving have been filled with so many different emotions. On one hand, I think about her having a new address and I start feeling sad, but on the other hand, my brain starts to wander and I think, “I can’t wait to send her and her roommate Christmas decorations in the mail!” Lol.

In all honesty, I spent the better half of senior year a bit of an emotional basket case. But, as we get closer to her leaving, I’m finding myself so excited for her! I didn’t get a dorm experience. I went to college in my hometown and I lived with my parents through college, so I’m totally living vicariously through her right now.

I’m telling you, friends: if you find yourself feeling really sad about them leaving, start buying stuff for their dorm rooms and suddenly you find yourself pumped to get them set up and organized. Ask me again in two weeks if I’m still feeling “pumped.” Lol. I’m sure as we drive away I’ll resort back to basket case status. But I’m currently optimistic. This is the kid I always butted heads with, but senior year was oddly sprinkled with magical fairy dust that made us closer, so I’m hopeful this’ll carry us through her college years!

Zane is missing because we were only allowed four tickets due to Covid restrictions:(


  1. Smiley face pillow
  2. Rainbow pillow
  3. Initial pillow
  4. “Chill” pillow
  5. Vogue pillow
  6. Flower pillow
  7. Devil’s eye pillow (set of 2)

Trust me, I asked her what you’re asking yourself: do you really need seven throw pillows? Lol! I’m rolling with it, friends. I’m weak and vulnerable. She can ask me for anything right now.


  1. Comforter
  2. Pink sheet set (heard these are super soft!)
  3. Eyeball pillow cases
  4. Twin xl mattress topper
  5. Twin xl mattress cover


  1. Coffee poster
  2. Graphic poster
  3. Zodiac poster

To keep them organized:

  1. Drawer organizer (for bras/underwear/socks)
  2. Hanging shoe storage
  3. 3-tiered rolling cart
  4. Stackable drawers for under her bed
  5. Planner (free personalization! We put her college name on top and her name on the bottom)
  6. Outlet with multiple USB slots
  7. Laundry bag

Misc. decor:

  1. Rug
  2. Butts shower curtain (Ha! PSA: I did not partake in the planning of this room!)
  3. Neon initial
  4. Futon
  5. Water dispenser
  6. Coffee pod holder (my daughter actually won a mini Keurig at the school senior party! Wahoo!)
  7. Coffee pods

College apparel:

  1. Spartan hat
  2. Spartan pjs
  3. Spartan hoodie

That’s where we’re at, friends! What did I miss? Any experienced parents want to add some thoughts? Comment below! And hang in there, guys! We got this:)



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