Basement Bathroom Reveal

Today’s the day! I’ve been working on the basement bathroom for the past three weeks, as part of the Choose Your Own Adventure Refresh, hosted by Jewel from Jeweled Interiors. First of all, Jewel is the ultimate DIYer and you have to go see her foyer reveal! Holy smokes- can’t believe the work she put into that in three week’s time! All of the bloggers who participated are color-loving talents and definitely ones to follow. 



Ok, so if you want to get caught up, click to visit WEEK ONE and WEEK TWO. In a nutshell, here is what our basement bathroom looked like BEFORE…



So, our home is almost 20 years old. We aren’t the first owners and most certainly didn’t design that bathroom. Lol It honestly has pretty much sat there, not getting used for the longest time. I’d have the door shut when people come over and direct them to using another bathroom. It not only wasn’t my style, but it had just become ridiculously filthy (the use it did get was basically my children using the sink to make slime). 


No more, folks! Check out this AFTER!















First of all, I need to take a minute and thank the sponsors that made this bathroom what it is. To begin with, that TILE! I wanted something graphic and fun that makes a statement, and the tile selection at Villa Lagoon does not disappoint! This is their Labyrinth tile in black and white. Just a heads up, if you’re interested in cement tile, it needs to be sealed! They were kind enough to send the sealant and it was an easy process. I simply laid a bunch of tile out on both my dining room and kitchen tables with a table cover underneath, and rolled it on with a 4 inch sponge roller. You can technically wait til after it’s set and roll it on before the grout goes in, but I didn’t want to risk the chance of our contractor staining it with shoe marks or accidental  scratches. 



Next up…. Signature Hardware! Guys, I’m so pleased with my choices! This company has such a great selection of everything you may need from baths to kitchens! I know this may sound ridiculous, but I’m so excited about this new toilet!



So, this is funny, but the reason I love it so much is because it has a smooth, simple exterior. I hate old toilets that show the curve of the pipes inside. Like, I don’t need to see the journey that poop and pee will be going on, ya know?? TMI? Oh, well. Lol! Just make it look as much NOT like a toilet as possible. That’s what I want out of a toilet. Did you think someone could feel so strongly about a toilet? Let me tell you- our plumber felt differently. Lol! He didn’t like that there wasn’t a good place to grip on with his fingers! Ha! Sorry, dude! It’s about how it looks once it’s installed, not how easy it is for you to carry.  #importantfacts



Ok, moving on to the vanity! I’ll be honest, there was a little mix-up, and the wrong vanity was accidentally delivered. Ah! I was slightly panicked at first, as I really liked the clean lines of the one I initially picked out, and it had black buy cheap diazepam thailand legs and black hardware to tie in with the tile, BUT… I decided to stick with the incorrect vanity for convenience, and honestly, I love it! It’s still the same warm wood I was looking for, and I actually love that I didn’t have to install a towel rod into the wall because it has one installed on the side! Very cool!



And that marble counter! And the sleek, chrome faucet! I’m just thrilled with how it came together!



Look up! Did you see the new light from Hudson Valley Lighting?



 This is their Hinsdale Sconce and I’m in love with its whimsy! Each glass globe is a different size. I think it’s typically hung vertically, but when I found it, I knew I could make it work horizontally over the mirror. I’m not one for typical vanity lighting. This was way more fun!


Ok, let’s scooch to the left, shall we? I LOOOVVVVEE this new print from Minted! With a graphic floor, I wanted something soft and fresh paired with it that brings the room to life with color. To me, this is a mix of patterns. I love florals and stripes mixed! 



Are you surprised I kept the walls white? Well, here’s my though process behind that. First of all, it’s a basement bathroom, so there’s zero natural light. I wanted this room to feel as bright and fresh as possible. Secondly, the flooring is the star of the show and the colorful art is quite large in scale so I knew it would take up quite a bit of real estate on the wall. So, when it came to color (because you knew I had to add some somewhere) I decided to add it to the linen closet door! 


For whatever reason, I was mostly drawn to the different shades of blue in the painting, so I decided on one with a hint of green in it. It’s called Cascade Green by Behr. Now let me explain an unexpected, last minute DIY I did that incorporated that color using leftover paint!



If you watch my stories on Instagram, you may have seen me come across this mirror at At Home. It wasn’t initially the mirror I was going with, but I loved the unique shape of this one, and it was significantly marked down due to some scratches…. so guess what? That meant a perfect DIY opportunity! I taped it off and repainted using the Cascade Green! Perfect way to personalize it and add more color to otherwise simple walls! I’m accepting virtual high fives from you as you read this! 🙂



I saw a question posed recently to an interior designer. It was “What’s one thing you think a room needs before you consider it complete?” I loved that question, and I realized, for me, the answer is old books! Even if it’s a bathroom, folks! I like the vintage charm they bring, and they’re the perfect way to bring a little color. Yes, even on top of a toilet:) It’s a brand new toilet, friends. Lol Maybe with time, I’ll move them!





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Ok, friends! There you have it! New and improved gorgeousness in my home! I will certainly will no longer be directing guests to another bathroom! 🙂 Now, grab some coffee and visit the rest of the reveals below!







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  1. Katherine says:

    I really love how you pulled the colors from the painting. Very pretty and excellent transformation. Oh, and I have a toilet that is completely smooth as well. In fact, it’s all one piece. The plumber hated mine too because it weighs about 300lbs! Ha!

  2. Stacey says:

    What is the name of the print in the bathroom? I’ve tried looking on their website but I can’t find it.

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